Species: Phellinus punctatus (Fr. ex P. Karst.) Pilát, 1942

Scientific name Phellinus punctatus (Fr. ex P. Karst.) Pilát, 1942
Synonyms Fomes platincola Speg., 1926
Fomes robustus form. juniperinus D.V. Baxter, 1952
Fomitiporia dryophila Murrill, 1907
Fomitiporia earleae Murrill, 1907
Fomitiporia jamaicensis Murrill, 1907
Fomitiporia laminata Murrill, 1907
Fomitiporia langloisii Murrill, 1907
Fomitiporia lloydii Murrill, 1907
Fomitiporia maxonii Murrill, 1907
Fomitiporia obliquiformis Murrill, 1907
Fomitiporia punctata (Fr. ex P. Karst.) Murrill, 1947
Fomitiporia tsugina Murrill, 1907
Fuscoporella costaricensis Murrill, 1907
Fuscoporia dryophila (Murrill) G. Cunn., 1948
Fuscoporia juniperina Murrill, 1907
Fuscoporia punctata (Fr. ex P. Karst.) G. Cunn., 1948
Phellinus friesianus (Bres.) Bourdot & Galzin, 1928
Phellinus maxonii (Murrill) D.A. Reid, 1981
Polyporus maxonii (Murrill) Singer, 1945
Poria costaricensis (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter, 1912
Poria dryophila (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter, 1912
Poria earleae (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter, 1912
Poria friesiana Bres., 1908
Poria jamaicensis (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter, 1912
Poria juniperina (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter, 1912
Poria laminata (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter, 1912
Poria langloisii (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter, 1912
Poria lloydii (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter, 1912
Poria maxonii (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter, 1912
Poria obliquiformis (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter, 1912
Poria punctata Fr. ex P. Karst., 1882
Poria tsugina (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter, 1912
Poria viticola Lázaro Ibiza, 1917
Suillus maxonii (Murrill) Kuntze, 1898
Dutch name vlakke vuurzwam


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Flanders indigenous (1a)
Brussels indigenous (1a)
Wallonia indigenous (1a)
Habitat terrestrial

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