Aim aims to be the online reference in the field of nomenclature and occurrence of species in Belgium. We wish to assemble this information in a centralized and standardized website.

This website is designed to address a large public: researchers, decision makers, students, journalists, conservationists, and everybody who cares about nature.

This website offers the following advantages

You have quick access to

  • A complete list of species occurring in Belgium
  • An exhaustive* classification in accordance with modern understandings

You find for each species described

  • Accepted scientific name
  • English, Dutch, French and German common names, if existing
  • All possible synonyms
  • Whether it is indigenous or introduced
  • Potection status
  • Distribution
  • Ocurrence
  • Habitat

In time, we will provide

  • Photos of the species
  • Distribution maps or links towards cooperating websites

* The categories presently shown are: kingdom (regnum), phylum, class (classis), order (ordo), family (familia), genus, species, subspecies, variety (varietas), form (forma) en subform (subforma).

We will examine in the future whether it is possible to include additional categories