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Animalia (22779 species)
Phylum Annelida (178 species)
Phylum Arthropoda (20097 species)
Phylum Bryozoa (154 species)
Phylum Cephalorhyncha (2 species)
Phylum Chaetognatha (1 species)
Phylum Chordata (893 species)
Class Actinopterygii (210 species)
Class Amphibia (21 species)
Class Ascidiacea (11 species)
Class Aves (492 species)
Order Anseriformes (64 species)
Family Anatidae (64 species)
Genus Aix (2 species)
Genus Alopochen (2 species)
 Genus Anas (12 species)
Anas acuta pintail, northern pintail
Anas americana american wigeon
Anas carolinensis green-winged teal
Anas clypeata shoveler, northern shoveler
Anas crecca teal, common teal
Anas discors blue-winged teal
Anas falcata falcated duck
Anas formosa baikal teal
Anas penelope wigeon, eurasian wigeon
Anas platyrhynchos mallard
Anas querquedula garganey
Anas strepera gadwall
Genus Anser (10 species)
Genus Aythya (6 species)
Genus Branta (7 species)
Genus Bucephala (1 species)
Genus Chloephaga (1 species)
Genus Clangula (1 species)
Genus Cygnus (5 species)
Genus Histrionicus (1 species)
Genus Lophodytes (1 species)
Genus Melanitta (4 species)
Genus Mergellus (1 species)
Genus Mergus (2 species)
Genus Netta (1 species)
Genus Oxyura (2 species)
Genus Polysticta (2 species)
Genus Somateria (2 species)
Genus Tadorna (2 species)
Order Apodiformes (3 species)
Order Charadriiformes (108 species)
Order Ciconiiformes (45 species)
Order Columbiformes (6 species)
Order Coraciiformes (5 species)
Order Cuculiformes (2 species)
Order Falconiformes (34 species)
Order Galliformes (4 species)
Order Gruiformes (14 species)
Order Passeriformes (188 species)
Order Picimorphes (7 species)
Order Strigiformes (11 species)
Order Upupiformes (1 species)
Class Cephalaspidomorphi (3 species)
Class Cephalochordata (1 species)
Class Chondrichthyes (22 species)
Class Elasmobranchii (4 species)
Class Mammalia (113 species)
Class Reptilia (16 species)
Phylum Ciliophora (13 species)
Phylum Cnidaria (52 species)
Phylum Echinodermata (27 species)
Phylum Echiura (2 species)
Phylum Entoprocta (1 species)
Phylum Gastrotricha (36 species)
Phylum Mollusca (334 species)
Phylum Nematoda (469 species)
Phylum Nemertina (10 species)
Phylum Phoronida (1 species)
Phylum Platyhelminthes (164 species)
Phylum Porifera (34 species)
Phylum Rotifera (306 species)
Phylum Sipuncula (1 species)
Chromista (126 species)
Fungi (8638 species)
Plantae (2633 species)

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