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Animalia (22779 species)
Chromista (126 species)
Fungi (8638 species)
Phylum Anamorphic fungi (0 species)
Phylum Ascomycota (2722 species)
Phylum Basidiomycota (3018 species)
Class Basidiomycetes (2788 species)
Order Agaricales (1861 species)
Order Auriculariales (2 species)
Order Boletales (109 species)
Order Cantharellales (25 species)
Order Ceratobasidiales (9 species)
Order Christianseniales (0 species)
Order Cystofilobasidiales (0 species)
Order Dacrymycetales (9 species)
Order Filobasidiales (0 species)
Order Hymenochaetales (59 species)
Order Phallales (55 species)
Genus Pilacre (1 species)
Order Polyporales (338 species)
Order Russulales (209 species)
Family Auriscalpiaceae (6 species)
Family Bondarzewiaceae (0 species)
Genus Gloeopeniophorella (1 species)
Family Hericiaceae (6 species)
Family Lachnocladiaceae (6 species)
Family Peniophoraceae (21 species)
Family Russulaceae (143 species)
Genus Lactarius (15 species)
 Lactarius aspideus
Variety Lactarius aspideus var. aspideus (0 species)
Lactarius chrysorrheus
Lactarius controversus
Lactarius deliciosus
Lactarius hepaticus
Lactarius mitissimus
Lactarius pubescens
Lactarius quietus
Lactarius rufus
Lactarius sanguifluus
Lactarius subdulcis
Lactarius tabidus
Lactarius theiogalus
Lactarius torminosus
Genus Russula (130 species)
Family Stereaceae (27 species)
Order Stereales (0 species)
Order Thelephorales (46 species)
Order Tremellales (61 species)
Order Tulasnellales (4 species)
Class Urediniomycetes (160 species)
Class Ustilaginomycetes (70 species)
Phylum Chytridiomycota (10 species)
Phylum Dictyosteliomycota (1 species)
Phylum Myxomycota (245 species)
Phylum Oomycota (129 species)
Phylum Plasmodiophoromycota (2 species)
Phylum Zygomycota (72 species)
Plantae (2633 species)

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