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Animalia (22779 species)
Chromista (126 species)
Fungi (8638 species)
Phylum Anamorphic fungi (0 species)
Phylum Ascomycota (2722 species)
Phylum Basidiomycota (3018 species)
Class Basidiomycetes (2788 species)
Order Agaricales (1861 species)
Order Auriculariales (2 species)
Order Boletales (109 species)
Order Cantharellales (25 species)
Order Ceratobasidiales (9 species)
Order Christianseniales (0 species)
Order Cystofilobasidiales (0 species)
Order Dacrymycetales (9 species)
Order Filobasidiales (0 species)
Order Hymenochaetales (59 species)
Order Phallales (55 species)
Genus Pilacre (1 species)
Order Polyporales (338 species)
Order Russulales (209 species)
Family Auriscalpiaceae (6 species)
Family Bondarzewiaceae (0 species)
Genus Gloeopeniophorella (1 species)
Family Hericiaceae (6 species)
Family Lachnocladiaceae (6 species)
Family Peniophoraceae (21 species)
Family Russulaceae (143 species)
Genus Lactarius (15 species)
Genus Russula (130 species)
Russula acrifolia
Russula adulterina
Russula adusta
Russula aeruginea
Russula albonigra
Russula alnetorum
Russula alutacea
Russula amethystina
Russula amoena
Russula amoenicolor
Russula amoenoides
Russula amoenolens
Russula anatina
Russula anthracina
Russula aquosa
Russula aurantiaca
Russula azurea
Russula badia
Russula betularum
Russula brunneoviolacea
Russula carminipes
Russula carpini
Russula cavipes
Russula cessans
Russula chloroides
Russula cicatricata
Russula clariana
Russula claroflava
Russula coerulea
Russula cretata
Russula cuprea
Russula curtipes
Russula cutefracta
Russula cyanoxantha
Russula deceptiva
Russula decipiens
Russula delica
Russula densifolia
Russula drimeia
Russula elaeodes
Russula elegans
Russula emetica
Russula exalbicans
Russula faginea
Russula farinipes
Russula fellea
Russula foetens
Russula font-queri
Russula fragilis
Russula fragrantissima
Russula gilvescens
Russula gracilipes
 Russula gracillima
Russula graveolens
Russula grisea
Russula helodes
Russula heterophylla
Russula illota
Russula insignis
Russula ionochlora
Russula laeta
Russula laurocerasi
Russula lepidicolor
Russula lilacea
Russula lundellii
Russula lutensis
Russula luteotacta
Russula maculata
Russula mairei
Russula medullata
Russula melliolens
Russula melzeri
Russula minutula
Russula nauseosa
Russula nigricans
Russula nitida
Russula ochroleuca
Russula odorata
Russula olivacea
Russula olivaceoviolascens
Russula paludosa
Russula parazurea
Russula pascua
Russula pectinata
Russula pectinatoides
Russula pelargonia
Russula persicina
Russula pseudoaeruginea
Russula pseudodelica
Russula pseudointegra
Russula puellaris
Russula puellula
Russula purpurata
Russula queletii
Russula raoultii
Russula rhodella
Russula rhodopus
Russula risigallina
Russula romellii
Russula rosea
Russula rutila
Russula sanguinaria
Russula solaris
Russula sororia
Russula sphagnophila
Russula stenotricha
Russula subcristulata
Russula subfoetens
Russula subrubens
Russula subterfurcata
Russula terenopus
Russula torulosa
Russula turci
Russula undulata
Russula urens
Russula velenovskyi
Russula velutipes
Russula versatilis
Russula versicolor
Russula vesca
Russula veternosa
Russula vinosobrunnea
Russula vinosopurpurea
Russula violacea
Russula violeipes
Russula virescens
Russula viscida
Russula xerampelina
Russula zonatula
Russula zvarae
Family Stereaceae (27 species)
Order Stereales (0 species)
Order Thelephorales (46 species)
Order Tremellales (61 species)
Order Tulasnellales (4 species)
Class Urediniomycetes (160 species)
Class Ustilaginomycetes (70 species)
Phylum Chytridiomycota (10 species)
Phylum Dictyosteliomycota (1 species)
Phylum Myxomycota (245 species)
Phylum Oomycota (129 species)
Phylum Plasmodiophoromycota (2 species)
Phylum Zygomycota (72 species)
Plantae (2633 species)

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