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Animalia (22779 species)
Chromista (126 species)
Fungi (8638 species)
Phylum Anamorphic fungi (0 species)
Phylum Ascomycota (2722 species)
Phylum Basidiomycota (3018 species)
Class Basidiomycetes (2788 species)
Order Agaricales (1861 species)
Family Agaricaceae (136 species)
Genus Anixia (3 species)
Family Bolbitiaceae (150 species)
Family Clavariaceae (14 species)
Family Coprinaceae (209 species)
Family Cortinariaceae (430 species)
Genus Calathinus (1 species)
Genus Chromocyphella (1 species)
Genus Cortinarius (202 species)
Cortinarius acutus
Cortinarius albofimbriatus
Cortinarius alborufescens
Cortinarius alboviolaceus
Cortinarius allutus
Cortinarius alnetorum
Cortinarius alneus
Cortinarius amigochrous
Cortinarius ammophilus
Cortinarius anomalus
Cortinarius anserinus
Cortinarius anthracinus
Cortinarius argentatus
Cortinarius armeniacus
Cortinarius armillatus
Cortinarius atrocoeruleus
Cortinarius azureovelatus
Cortinarius azureus
Cortinarius balaustinus
Cortinarius balteatoalbus
Cortinarius balteatocumatilis
Cortinarius balteatus
Cortinarius betulinus
Cortinarius bibulus
Cortinarius bicolor
Cortinarius biformis
Cortinarius biveloides
Cortinarius bivelus
Cortinarius bolaris
Cortinarius bovinus
Cortinarius brunneus
Cortinarius bulbosus
Cortinarius bulliardii
Cortinarius callisteus
Cortinarius calochrous
Cortinarius camphoratus
Cortinarius candelaris
Cortinarius caninus
Cortinarius casimiri
Cortinarius castaneus
Cortinarius causticus
Cortinarius cavipes
Cortinarius cedretorum
Cortinarius cinnabarinus
Cortinarius cinnamomeoluteus
Cortinarius cinnamomeus
Cortinarius claricolor
Cortinarius coalescens
Cortinarius coerulescens
Cortinarius cohabitans
Cortinarius collinitus
Cortinarius comatus
Cortinarius comptulus
Cortinarius concinnus
Cortinarius conicus
Cortinarius cristallinus
Cortinarius croceocoeruleus
Cortinarius croceoconus
Cortinarius croceus
Cortinarius cucumisporus
Cortinarius damascenus
Cortinarius decoloratus
Cortinarius delibutus
Cortinarius diabolicus
Cortinarius dilutus
Cortinarius dionysae
Cortinarius diosmus
Cortinarius dumetorum
Cortinarius duracinus
Cortinarius durissimus
Cortinarius eburneus
Cortinarius emollitus
Cortinarius erythrinus
Cortinarius evernius
Cortinarius fasciatus
Cortinarius ferrugineipes
Cortinarius fistularis
Cortinarius fulvescens
Cortinarius fusisporus
Cortinarius gentilis
Cortinarius glaucopus
Cortinarius haematochaelis
Cortinarius helobius
Cortinarius helvelloides
Cortinarius helveolus
Cortinarius hemitrichus
Cortinarius heterosporus
Cortinarius hillieri
Cortinarius hinnuleus
Cortinarius hinnuloides
Cortinarius hoeftii
Cortinarius holophaeus
Cortinarius huronensis
Cortinarius imbutus
Cortinarius incisus
Cortinarius infractus
Cortinarius ionophyllus
Cortinarius isabellinus
Cortinarius jubarinus
Cortinarius junghuhnii
Cortinarius laetus
Cortinarius lanatus
Cortinarius laniger
Cortinarius leucopus
Cortinarius lilacinopusillus
 Cortinarius lividoochraceus
Cortinarius luci
Cortinarius lucorum
Cortinarius malachius
Cortinarius melleopallens
Cortinarius miraculosus
Cortinarius mucosus
Cortinarius multicolor
Cortinarius multiformis
Cortinarius myrtillinus
Cortinarius napus
Cortinarius nemorensis
Cortinarius obtusobrunneus
Cortinarius obtusus
Cortinarius ochroleucus
Cortinarius ochrophyllus
Cortinarius olivaceofuscus
Cortinarius orellanoides
Cortinarius orellanus
Cortinarius paleaceus
Cortinarius paleifer
Cortinarius paracephalixus
Cortinarius parvannulatus
Cortinarius pauperculus
Cortinarius pearsonii
Cortinarius phoeniceus
Cortinarius pholideus
Cortinarius pluvius
Cortinarius porphyropus
Cortinarius praestigiosus
Cortinarius prasinus
Cortinarius privignoides
Cortinarius privignus
Cortinarius psammocephalus
Cortinarius pseudocandelaris
Cortinarius pseudocrassus
Cortinarius pseudoprivignus
Cortinarius pulchripes
Cortinarius purpurascens
Cortinarius raphanoides
Cortinarius rigens
Cortinarius rigidiannulatus
Cortinarius romagnesii
Cortinarius rubellopes
Cortinarius sacchariosmus
Cortinarius safranopes
Cortinarius salor
Cortinarius sanguineus
Cortinarius saniosus
Cortinarius scaurus
Cortinarius sciophyllus
Cortinarius scutulatus
Cortinarius sebaceus
Cortinarius semisanguineus
Cortinarius sertipes
Cortinarius simulatus
Cortinarius sodagnitus
Cortinarius stemmatus
Cortinarius subargentatus
Cortinarius subbalaustinus
Cortinarius subferrugineus
Cortinarius sublatisporus
Cortinarius subporphyropus
Cortinarius subtortus
Cortinarius subtorvus
Cortinarius subviolascens
Cortinarius sulphureus
Cortinarius talus
Cortinarius terpsichores
Cortinarius tiliaceus
Cortinarius tofaceus
Cortinarius torvus
Cortinarius traganus
Cortinarius triformis
Cortinarius triumphans
Cortinarius trivialis
Cortinarius tubarius
Cortinarius turgidus
Cortinarius uliginobtusus
Cortinarius uliginosus
Cortinarius umbonatus
Cortinarius umbrinolens
Cortinarius uraceus
Cortinarius urbicus
Cortinarius valgus
Cortinarius variecolor
Cortinarius variegatus
Cortinarius velenovskyi
Cortinarius venetus
Cortinarius veregregius
Cortinarius vibratilis
Cortinarius violaceocinereus
Cortinarius violaceus
Cortinarius violilamellatus
Cortinarius viscidulus
Cortinarius xanthocephalus
Genus Crepidotus (12 species)
Genus Episphaeria (1 species)
Genus Flammulaster (8 species)
Genus Galera (9 species)
Genus Galerina (59 species)
Genus Gymnopilus (12 species)
Genus Hebelomina (1 species)
Genus Inocybe (117 species)
Genus Octojuga (2 species)
Genus Phaeocollybia (1 species)
Genus Phaeocyphella (4 species)
Genus Phaeomarasmius (1 species)
Genus Phaeosolenia (2 species)
Genus Phlegmacium (3 species)
Genus Rozites (1 species)
Genus Simocybe (7 species)
Genus Tubaria (11 species)
Family Entolomataceae (180 species)
Family Fistulinaceae (0 species)
Family Hydnangiaceae (10 species)
Family Lycoperdaceae (25 species)
Family Marasmiaceae (65 species)
Family Mycenastraceae (1 species)
Family Nidulariaceae (9 species)
Family Pleurotaceae (14 species)
Family Pluteaceae (65 species)
Family Pterulaceae (3 species)
Family Schizophyllaceae (2 species)
Family Strophariaceae (90 species)
Family Tricholomataceae (438 species)
Family Tulostomataceae (3 species)
Family Typhulaceae (16 species)
Order Auriculariales (2 species)
Order Boletales (109 species)
Order Cantharellales (25 species)
Order Ceratobasidiales (9 species)
Order Christianseniales (0 species)
Order Cystofilobasidiales (0 species)
Order Dacrymycetales (9 species)
Order Filobasidiales (0 species)
Order Hymenochaetales (59 species)
Order Phallales (55 species)
Genus Pilacre (1 species)
Order Polyporales (338 species)
Order Russulales (209 species)
Order Stereales (0 species)
Order Thelephorales (46 species)
Order Tremellales (61 species)
Order Tulasnellales (4 species)
Class Urediniomycetes (160 species)
Class Ustilaginomycetes (70 species)
Phylum Chytridiomycota (10 species)
Phylum Dictyosteliomycota (1 species)
Phylum Myxomycota (245 species)
Phylum Oomycota (129 species)
Phylum Plasmodiophoromycota (2 species)
Phylum Zygomycota (72 species)
Plantae (2633 species)

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