Colofon and disclaimer

The Belgian Species List strives to provide a comprehensive overview of all eukaryote species in Belgium.

The editors make every effort to keep the list as correct, precise and up-to-date as possible.
They have done everything to avoid the use of data, text and images from other sources. If, in spite of this, someone has the impression he/she is harmed by plagiarized material, will he/she please contact the editors?

The editors have also taken the greatest care to publish exact information on the website. However, they do not accept any responsibility for any damage due to incorrect information presented on this site.
Under no circumstances, the editors can be hold responsible for information on other websites hyperlinked to this site.

The Belgian Species List is an initiative from the Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences. The project has been started under the leadership of Jackie Van Goethem, with the help of by Karel Wouters, Georges Lenglet, Thierry Backeljau, Marc Peeters, Patrick Grootaert and Vincent Zintzen.

Final editing
Patrick Grootaert, Francis Strobbe, Marc Peeters (Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences), Isabelle Coppée (Royal Belgian Entomological Society)

Graphic design
Francis Strobbe (Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences)

Technical realisation
Francis Strobbe (Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences)
ETI BioInformatics (development taxonomic tree)